Youth Leadership Development - Teach Communication Skills

Updated: Apr 29

As you know, employers value employees with good communication skills. For that reason, this post suggests topics to cover in the classroom. At length, youth will learn to present themselves with poise and confidence.

What to Cover

  • Public Speaking

The opportunities to strengthen public speaking skills are endless. One is group presentations. Another is individual presentations. Videotape the students. Show them how to incorporate technology.

  • Etiquette

Manners speak volumes. Once upon a time, good manners were taught at home and reinforced in school. Today, however, the school must take the lead. Why? In many homes, youth lack structure and guidance, so the basics fall by the wayside.

Simply put, people form opinions based on presentation – how you speak, how you write, and how you look. Therefore, a course on etiquette might include some of the following: how to introduce yourself, the professional handshake, appropriate language, respect, email etiquette, answering the telephone, writing thank you notes, and what's appropriate on social media.

  • Writing

Stress the basics (grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, etc.). Good writing does not have to be fancy.

  • Active Listening

Go online. You'll find activities and games that address the topic. Some of the best communicators are also good listeners.

  • Conflict Resolution

While students cannot avoid conflict, they can learn how to handle it. Reach out to community agencies; it could help to reduce anger and violence. Lastly, read and discuss The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable.

  • Interview Preparation

If you don't know where to begin, review the top 10 problem interview questions. You'll find handy resources online. Equally important, discuss dressing for success. When looks matter, it matters how you look.


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