Tis the Season for a New Beginning

Updated: Apr 19

A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men (Proverbs 18:16). Like a doctor carrying his black bag making house calls, you carry skills and talents to employers helping them solve problems.

When you understand the gift and where its needed – opportunities abound.

Why should this matter? You spend a chunk of time at work and everything flows when you’re positioned in the right groove.

Assess the situation. Are you excited to go to work every day, or does thinking about it drain the life out of you? Do you need more? You’re wired for increase.

Do you desire to make a difference? Develop more skills? Try ideas?

If you’re content great! However, if you’re not-now's the time to make a move. Tis the season for a new beginning.

Don’t just do it - do it right.

Obtaining what you need boils down to two things: Packaging and Positioning. Wrap your gift and present it to the right person.

I know this goes against what you’ve heard. You’re probably saying, “No – it can’t be that simple.” Keep reading – you’ll appreciate the insight.

Regarding Henry

Henry labored in a position that underutilized his talent leaving him feeling inadequate and out of place.

I’ll admit Henry was exceptional. Over 20 years I’ve encountered a wide array of individuals, but his arsenal packed a triple wallop - a medical and science background, strong research and technical writing skills, and a refined demeanor.

Still, Henry lost his thrust circling the same mountain too long.

After an extended drought (no response or rejection) you magnify the problem instead of the solution. At length, you dread the process.

Demotivated and a little depressed– Henry questioned my ability to help achieve his goal.

Before moving on, it’s important to note how Henry landed on my doorstep. His cousin hired me after overhearing a telephone conversation with another client. She discerned the answer and acted without thinking twice.

Dress for the Occasion

Have you ever showed up to a function overdressed? Or better yet, under-dressed? In any event, you standout like a sore thumb.

On this journey, I’ve noticed two types:

  • one is dressed properly but going to the wrong parties, and

  • the other is dressed improperly and trying to go to the party.

Let me explain. The first group has the right presentation – their resumes are on point. However, they send them to the wrong organizations. In contrast, the second group has a less than stellar presentation yet attempting to go to the affair.

You’re not dressed for the party when the resume neglects discussing accomplishments – how skills and experience impact outcomes.

Sound familiar?

Henry’s presentation (the resume) lacked punch. It read like a boring job description. As a result, the resume was selling him short.

I cut to the chase. “Nobody takes you serious due to an inadequate presentation of your skills and experience.” He looked dumbfounded.

I kicked it up a notch, “What’s your dominant skill?” Henry gave another blank stare, sat down, and asked, “When do we begin?”

I explained the first step – reconstructing the resume.


After hammering away, Henry’s resume popped with a clean format highlighting accomplishments (relevant experience). The proof is in the pudding.

Use the body of the document to back up what you've stated in the summary or cover letter. Don't leave the reader hanging.

Equally important, a brief snappy profile summarized his career, unique characteristics, and core competencies.

Don’t make recruiters look for the needle in a haystack. Your goal is simplifying their job.

Shift Your Thinking

  • Don’t settle. Why waste a good resume on Joe Blow Organization? Pursue what you really want.

  • Avoid acting like you're desperate. Someone said, “Desperation is a dangerous perfume to wear.” Whenever I allow anxiety to overtake me, I make the wrong move. Even the Bible exclaims, “Be anxious for nothing.”

  • Sharpen your focus. Make a list comprising your top 10 targets. I started doing this early on. Since then, I've either worked for and done business with my top 10.

Ask yourself:

  • What organizations appeal to me?

  • What makes them a good fit?

  • How can I contribute?

  • What will I gain?

  • Does the culture support my values?

  • How strong is the leadership?


Henry’s level of experience required a different approach. He’d been aiming to low. Furthermore, the thing he longed for was not on the Internet.

Hidden opportunities are either not posted or created. For that reason, we needed to devise a bold, innovative approach.

I crafted a letter stating his interests, what he had to offer (the benefits they’d reap), and why the organization attracted him. A good letter speaks to the heart. Cookie cutter cover letters don’t cut it!

Henry resisted my suggestion to send it to the decision maker– saying the person would not read it. Steadfast and unmovable, I held my ground. I knew decision makers would read it – and act.

If I had a dollar for every time a person told me something wouldn’t work, I’d be a wealthy woman. Like a commercial, a good resume prompts the recipient to do something - email, call, request a meeting, or make an offer.

My intuition told me employers would swarm around Henry like bees on honey. Henry was the solution to a problem, but he had to introduce himself. Otherwise, he'd remain unknown.

The Breakthrough

Within a few days of mailing the package, Henry received a phone call from the decision maker’s secretary. She kept inquiring, “How do you know Mr. So, and so?” We hit the bulls-eye!

Through trial and error I've discovered what works.

  • Know Thyself.

  • Know the Source.

  • Be Creative.

In short, the recruiters kept Henry on the phone for days. The biggest challenge was convincing his wife to relocate. He returned to his passion, leveraged his skill set, and doubled his income.

You can turn it around too - seize the opportunity.

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The Difference

  • Identify and promote your uniqueness.

  • Take nothing for granted.

  • Use what you have.

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Give yourself the gift that keeps giving.

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