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Updated: Apr 29

“If you don’t know where you're going, any road will get you there…If you don’t know where you're going, no road will get you there. Therefore, one of the most important modules of any leadership curriculum is self-awareness. How do students benefit?

3 Benefits

  • Students gain clarity about themselves.

  • Students gain insight about strengths and abilities.

  • Students gain guidance concerning career interests.

Knowing thyself is the first step to everything. For example, students should be aware of their dominant skills and personality traits. In addition to helping them get on the right track, you increase their interest in school. It helps them to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Consequently, one of the major complaints of students is how school disconnects from the real world.

Nevertheless, the resources below are guaranteed to help your students increase self-perception. You will note that JIST has free guides for administrators and instructors; just click on the links to learn more. Additionally, click to download your free special report.


  • Career & Life Explorer

Use the like above to download the free administrators guide offered by JIST. Another option is the Self-Directed Search. By responding yes or no to a series of questions, students will get a code that matches their interests to careers.

  • Strengths

Gallup has the Clifton Strengths Finder for students.

  • Abilities

Use this resource to assist youth in uncovering their highest abilities.

  • Effective Communication Skills Instructor's Guide

The need for good communication skills in the workplace can't be stressed enough. Yet, many students fall short in this area.

  • Work Readiness Inventory

This assessment surveys six aspects of readiness including responsibility, flexibility, skills, communication, self-view, and health & safety.

  • Risk and Resilience

Use the Risk and Resilience Inventory to screen for risk factors like emotional stress, bullying, intimidation and more.

  • Career Values

  • Life Skills

The Administrator's Guide covers physical, mental intelligence, career intelligence, emotional intelligence, and social intelligence.

  • College Majors Scorecard

  • Dream Catcher's

Download the teacher's guide.

  • PathFinder

Here, you'll locate an instructor's guide, presentations, student activities, and quizzes.


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