Youth Leadership Development

Updated: Apr 29

Over 15 years ago I began designing and facilitating camps to teach youth leadership skills; ten years ago, I began encouraging others to do the same. This post discusses five benefits that students gain. Please note that this is the first in a series of posts concerning the subject. So, stay tuned…there’s more to come.

The Benefits

  • Youth increase self-awareness.

Being aware of their personality type unlocks the key to why they think and behave a certain way. At the same time, youth get insight about others. Knowing promotes self-awareness, self-awareness promotes understanding, and understanding becomes the bridge to better relationships.

  • · Youth learn fundamental principles.

Today, youth face a different world with different challenges. Things move at the speed of light, the landscape is global, and security is paramount. All in all, the current environment requires them to be prepared sooner than later. Discussions in the classroom, however, accelerate the process by permitting students to give their perceptions as well as learn about leadership challenges, styles, and traits.

  • · Youth make the connection between school and work.

On the contrary, one of the biggest issues in education is the disconnect between school and the real world. For example, if a youngster does not learn how to deal with a bully, it sets him or her up for recurring problems. What happens when the bully is the supervisor, co-worker, business partner, or spouse? Bullies are everywhere. Nonetheless, leadership courses emphasizing coping, goal setting, time management, teamwork, and people skills can close the gap.

  • · Youth develop skills in communication, problem solving, critical thinking, and more.

A good leadership course builds on the basics. Employers need workers who can communicate, problem solve, think critically, work collaboratively, and be creative. Consequently, creativity often gets undervalued.

  • · Youth gain experience through service.

Leadership is about service. Even Jesus said, “Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many (Matthew 20:28). Thus, leadership courses in the school allow students to take advantage of service opportunities. These might occur within the school and community.

Innovative Resources

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What you gain:

  • Knowledge of leadership principles

  • Understand the importance of self-awareness

  • Learn creative instructional methods

  • Innovative resources that are handy references

  • Renew your passion

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