Take Authority!

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Meet Marty who sells hotdogs on the corner of east Ninth Street in downtown Cleveland. A few weeks ago, he experienced what business owners can relate to - a slow day. But the atmosphere provided the perfect incentive to indulge in one of America's all-time favorites. It was clear, sunny, and warm. Why weren't the people parading by the cart stopping?

Nevertheless, everything changed when he applied the Word. Together we took authority over the corner where the business resides. How? Simply put, we informed Satan that he had to leave. In reality, he's trespassing. Marty holds the license. Therefore, that corner is his territory.

Next, we called the money in. Every time things appeared to slow down, we said, "Money cometh!" As a result, Marty ended up having a very good day in spite of the food trucks positioned around the corner. Even one of his regular customers commented about the steady traffic flow to his cart. I watched one customer circle the block three times before finding a parking spot.

What's the lesson? Faith is bold and aggressive. You must speak faith filled words to change the circumstances. Whether it's your money, health, job, children, or school, you can impact the situation with your words. Follow Marty's example. Stand firm and take authority!

Photo by Pamela Zoslov

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