Leading with One Million Acts of Kindness

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Before meeting Bob Votruba in Starbucks, I saw his big blue school bus (the Blue Bird of Kindness) everywhere. Aside from catching my eye, the hand painted message penetrated my heart: One Million Acts of Kindness. A few times, I observed him standing near the bus holding a sign that says, "Remember to be kind."

On the day I approached him in the coffee shop, Bob was folding a stack of slick customized thank you cards; a talented artist (Nicole Wright) designed the cover. Think for a moment. When was the last time you sent someone a handwritten thank you note?

Why does Bob impress me? Like Jesus, Bob leads with compassion. Bob understands that love conquers all, and he's uncovered an innovative way to get us back to the basics. By the way, we're commanded to love. Jesus said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ (Matthew 22:37-39).

At the same time, Bob has clearly defined his mission. Accordingly, “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets,That he may run who reads it (Habakkuk 2:2). For the next ten years Bob's committed to promoting a lifetime of kindness by covering the country with The Kindness Bus Tour. Bob knows the impact of a smile or kind word.

Along with the Kindness Bus, Bob uses his Kindness Bicycle to increase awareness of the importance of adoption and the devastation of child abuse. This special initiative runs through April 2020 and targets the eastern United States.

What's more, Bob wrote a children’s book, Bogart Begins His Kindness Adventure. Below is a picture of the book and his traveling associate.

In short, Bob Votruba demonstrates leadership in action! Leaders do more than talk the talk; they walk the walk. Bob saw a problem and took the initiative to address it. He began where here was- using what he had. Bob's making a difference. That's leadership!

Below are 5 suggested ways to help:

  • Invite Bob to Speak.

Take heed, Bob has a message that everyone needs to hear (schools, churches, childcare centers, colleges, community agencies, youth centers, etc.) . Call today to book Bob @ (216) 407-1701 or send an email to thekindnessbustour@gmail.com.

  • Buy Bob's book.

Bob’s book makes a great gift, or use it for a fundraiser. Visit the website to buy copies of the paperback: http://www.onemillionactsofkindness.com.

  • Buy Bob's stickers.

Visit the website or call (216) 407-1701.

  • Give a donation.

Simply put, Bob is on assignment. With that said, consider supporting the cause. Mail your donation to:

One Million Acts Of Kindness PO Box 770054

Lakewood, OH 44107

  • Be kind to your neighbor.

Be nice to anyone you encounter throughout the day.


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