Fill Your Space with Inspiration

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Welcome back! I’ve been transitioning to a new office – and although exciting- it presented a unique challenge. Once upon a time, I inhabited 1500 square feet of a building; this office comprises half of that and then some.

Nevertheless, I’m motivated to produce! In fact, my workshop prompts me to recall Dr. George Washington Carver, the great African American scientist who found over 300 uses for the peanut. He spent the beginning of his day in the woods connecting with God (he carried a Bible, notepad, and pen) and the remainder of the day in his laboratory (workshop). An awesome partnership!

By the Way, The Man Who Spoke to Flowers is a book worth reading. You’re guaranteed to unearth interesting tidbits about the scientist’s life, faith, and contributions. Please click to download your recommended reading list.

While I don’t know what his lab looked like, more than likely Carver surrounded himself with all the essentials. Does it matter? Yes. The environment fuels your passion for your vocation (calling). Things like color, sound, lighting, smells, type and arrangement of furniture impact your senses and motivation.

Thus, my purpose is inciting you to reassess where you spend time. Are you moved to create? Think? Meditate? If you’re happy and productive kudos! On the other hand, if you’re in a slump, take heed. At length, I’ll share some of my workshop favorites.

A wagon bookshelf

Why not? First, I’m nostalgic about wagons, and secondly, they are multi-functional. Currently, it serves as a bookshelf for my Bibles (I enjoy reading different versions) and books by various authors like TD Jakes, Kenneth Copeland, Mike Murdock, and others. Third, they provoke me to reminisce about my youth – a joyful time filled with love.

Finally, the wagon reminds me to increase my measure of faith by feeding on the Word daily and to stay on the wagon when adversity strikes. I’ve learned that everything relates to faith (whether it’s business, school, relationships, finances, health, or whatever). Faith is the victory that overcomes the world (I John 5:4). So, begin developing bulldog faith today. Click to download your Uncommon Faith Study Notes.


I love to read – especially biographies, so you'll find books in every nook and cranny. The subjects serve as consultants; they impart wisdom for free. Some become the focus of book reviews.


Another source of inspiration is a collection of eye-catching pictures on canvas. One sits on my desk. A sea of water, grass, open sky as well as landscape engulf two people on a boardwalk. As you will notice in the picture below, it provokes a calmness. In contrast, the picture sitting on the round metal table by Robin Maria, an award-winning artist, bursts with shades of orange, green, and brown. I liken the scene to that of a park or forest.

Showstopping Shelving

Then there’s the commercial grade 5-tier chrome shelving unit which displays a collection of books, pictures, and one of a kind nick knacks. For example, the knight clothed in armor sits with distinction on his horse (full steam ahead), while the leather moose and frog gaze in opposite directions.

Picture Mirrors

The mirrored picture behind the lantern exploding with a puff of orange says, “Chase your dream”. Another exclaims, “Take a chance” in a cloud of blue.

Positive Messages

Positive messages appear throughout my office. “Joy grows here”, “Dream Big Little One” and “All we need is love”. Dream big little one lights up in the dark.

Whimsical Pieces

We’re “Kleenex Nuts” tissue boxes by Corlette Baylock – renowned for his pistachio art -motivate me to go nuts with writing. Each time I glance at either box sitting on my desk or bookshelf, I call to mind his former studio in downtown Cleveland filled with witty inventions.


Lastly, smells captivate me. For that purpose, my office features various wall flowers evoking fresh scents. Today might be a lemon day.

In closing, I encourage you to rethink your space and design one that helps you unwind, reflect, and produce. It doesn’t have to be an office. Use your bedroom, closet, or a portion of your living room. Remember to infuse the room with things that make you feel good.

Consequently, if you are limited, think outside the box. Visit places that help you get your juices flowing. When I’m not in my laboratory, you’ll find me in libraries, on campus (alumni house), and the Metro Parks.

The alumni house, for example, makes me think big (it’s a renovated mansion with furnishings fit for a king or queen). while the outdoors provide a breath of fresh air that magically triggers reflection and writing. What’s more, the libraries keep me close to my best friends – books.


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