Book Review: Learning from the Giants - Life and Leadership Lessons from the Bible

Learning from the Giants by John Maxwell presents a fascinating dialogue between himself and persons of colossal importance in the Bible. The friendly conversation takes place in the author’s study. Here, is a quick overview.

The Mentors

Maxwell's selection comprised one female and eight males. The visitors are as follows:

  • Elijah

  • Elisha

  • Job

  • Jacob

  • Deborah

  • Isaiah

  • Jonah

  • Joshua, and

  • Daniel.

I wondered why people like Abraham, Joseph, David and Solomon were excluded. Additionally, you'll find leaders from the New Testament missing. Maybe Maxwell will write a Learning from the Giants series.


Even though the mentors were used by God, they still endured hardship. Yet, each encounter provided insight which strengthened the relationship. Walking with God equipped them with wisdom for success in life and leadership.

Consequently, tough times can leave you feeling alone. You question if God cares. The themes prompt you to rethink your predicament and view of God.


  • Have a purpose bigger than yourself.


  • God is greater than any challenge.


  • God always gives a second chance.


  • The encounter has a purpose.


  • God specializes in the unexpected.


  • Let God control your life.


  • God sees the big picture.


  • Give your best wherever you're placed.


  • God loves in good and bad times.

Discussion guide

Maxwell includes a discussion guide at the end of each chapter. The questions provoke you to meditate on the lessons and evaluate your relationship with God.


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