7 Benefits of Reading the Bible

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Much has been said about reading the Bible. On one hand some say that you cannot understand it. On the other, some claim that it has no relevance. Still , reading the Bible has made a difference in my life. This post mentions seven benefits that I’ve gained.

  • Faith

Reading the Bible increases your faith, especially if you read it aloud. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing, and hearing. Like when you go to church and hear a sermon that speaks to your heart; you get encouraged.

  • · Relationship

Looking for a relationship that’s beyond your wildest dream? God speaks and connects with you through his Word. Spending time with Him deepens the relationship. As a result, you become hungry for more. But because you have a freewill to choose, He does not force himself upon you.

  • · Wisdom

Wisdom is knowing the right thing to do, and the bible contains tons of it. Let’s take the book of Proverbs, which is referred to as the book of wisdom. The book has a total of 31 short chapters that address issues that we face daily (money management, raising children, marriage, work, leadership, business, pride, and more).

  • · Peace

Why is peace important? I don’t know about you, but I can’t function or make good decisions when I feel unsettled or anxious. Being anxious leads you to do desperate things, and you're not desperate for anything.

For example, I saturated myself in the Word after the sudden death of my husband. Moreover, I listened to sermons and teaching tapes. To be honest, I was just trying to avoid losing my mind. At length, I talked and responded differently. Instead of being shattered, I was just shaken. There’s a difference.

All in all, reading the Bible gives you a peace that surpasses understanding. So, if I’m having a tough day and feel out of sorts, I reconnect to the source.

  • · Love

The Bible is the book of love, and love conquers all. When I grew up you attended church every Sunday. Even if you didn’t want to be there you were still being touched by love because God is love; you sat there not realizing that open heart surgery was being performed.

  • · Moral Compass

Along with what's already been said, reading the Bible provides a moral compass to live by. Now everything is so backwards. Left means rights and right means left. Anything goes. The Bible, however, keeps me centered regardless of what everyone else around me is doing.

  • · Success

Lastly, the Bible is the greatest success guide to be written. It covers everything under the sun. What’s interesting is how you can be reading something unrelated to your issue yet get insight on how to handle it.

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